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The Visit

Author: Padraig

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21st/22nd June 2002

Finally, I got to see the Alicat Cats, all eleven of the furry creatures and one dog who must be having an identity crisis and probably thinks she is a cat!

My first thoughts were along the lines of; "How on earth can eleven cats live together peacefully?" - Well, that question was soon answered. Eleven cats who are looked after in a very loving home, with free access to a closed off area outdoors and access to all rooms can live peacefully, even with one huge female rottweiler dog named Karli (she is sweet natured and loves all the cats).


Karli - the front door greeter!

Step inside the front door... Karli is the first to greet me with a big slobbering face sniffing me and checking me out! Okay, I make it passed Karli, obviously I pass muster! I soon see furry things zooming here and there, my eyes soon rest on one solitary stationary furry black mass, sitting on the settee is Spider the Alpha male, he is one beautiful cat with a wonderful set of fangs that only add to his beauty. His purr is exceptionally quiet and very peaceful.


Spider - 8 Year Old Alpha Male

The Three Hooligans!


P'Ding - Balinese Blue Point
9 Month Old Male

Howie - Cornish Rex
2 Year Old Male

Amy - Half Siamese/Devon Rex
9 Month Old Female

Now, lets see... the next to make themselves known to me were Amy, Howie and P'Ding, three youngsters who I can only describe as the "Hooligans" - they have so much energy and I am sure they think they have to spend it all as quickly as possible! P'Ding was a little unsure of himself to begin with, but was soon full of confidence, he has a built in radar that senses the moment a purr-son picks up a cat toy! A flash of fur and he is there, wanting to play. Amy and Howie are also very playful and love the attention.


Jasper - Ginger & White
6.5 Year Old Male

Benson - Ginger
3 Year Old Male

Jasper a big ginger tomcat with white markings soon makes my aquaintance, he is a real gentleman and loves attention, Benson another ginger is also very loving but a little unsure to begin with, he soon comes round for attention.


Amanda - Tortie
4 Year Old Female

Amanda a tortie is very touchy and is always running away from me. She gets on with with everyone in the household but is a little nervous around strangers. I step outside, she runs inside, I go back inside, she runs upstairs! It took some patience to get good pictures of her.


Krystal - Tabby Cat
1 Year Old Female

Krystal a one year old tabby is a sweet little female cat. She is a real teaser, rolling about, wanting her belly rubbed! She has her favourite resting place on the top landing, where she can keep a watchful eye on proceedings.


Gypsy - Black Cat
8 Year Old Female

Daphne - White Cat
2 Year Old Female

Kitty-kat - Black & White
8 Year Old Female

Kitty-kat a b/w female, Gypsy a smaller black version of Spider and Daphne a two year old all white female, are three that like to keep themselves away upstairs, only venturing down for food and visits to the outside enclosure and sometimes to take part in playtime. Kitty-kat and Gypsy are both eight years old, time and patience is needed to get to know them and allow them to get to know you. A quick visit is not enough for me! Although, I did manage to get good pictures of all three.

Nighttime soon came and a restful nights sleep was in order... absolutely no chance! If it was not Amy trying to eat my ears, it was Howie or P'Ding trying to eat my head! Oh well, I eventually fell asleep.

P'Ding & Amy

P'Ding & Amy killing all the cat toys... again!

Morning soon arrives with the sun coming up nice and bright. Feeding time for the cats is a pleasant experience. All is quiet until some want what others have, usual sort of cat thing! Can actually get close to Kitty-kat, Gypsy and Daphne, but not to stroke them.

Feeding Time

Feeding Time

I am pleasantly surprised that so many cats can and do get on so well. No fights, very few hisses, a very happy home that the cats are obviously comfortable with.

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