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Whiskey & Worcester

"My two (then) kittens, Whiskey & Worcester, learned to jump on to kitchen surfaces the very morning my daughter abandoned a full bowl of Allbran & milk when the telephone rang. When she returned, the bowl was licked clean. Need I go on? I didn't embarass them over the next day or so by taking photographs of their very surprised little faces"

"I'm old enough to have memories of much-loved but long-departed cats, and a host of stories. I can't imagine living without them." - Peta :)

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Major Benjie & Georgie

Cat Burglars Caught Raiding Neighbouring House! - March 2001

A pair of cats have been blamed for thefts from a house in Charlton.

Major Benjie and Georgie were finally caught after owner Elaine Floodgate spotted them raiding a neighbour's home through a cat-flap.

She became suspicious after her cats started coming home with goods such as watches and cuddly toys.

Elaine said: "It all started when Major Benjie disappeared over the back fence and returned with a toy that wasn't his. Then my neighbour mentioned her cats were losing their playthings and the penny dropped."

Local vet Nick Adderley told the Daily Express: "Georgie is the sort of cat you just want to pick up and cuddle but he would probably lift your wallet."

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Cat Burglar PATCHY! March 2001

PATCHY the cat loves hanging out at the doctor's surgery - but staff are not amused.

She has repeatedly outstayed her welcome, hiding at closing time and setting off burglar alarms in the early hours.

"Patchy first appeared a few months ago and we thought she was a stray," said practice manager Moira McCall at the Phoenix Surgery in Cirencester, Glos, United Kingdom.

"She was very friendly and great with the patients. But now she is not so popular."

Patients and staff now search the premises for Patchy before locking up.

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