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Cat Thief
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Cat Burglar Tommy

Tommy Caught In The Act!

Tommy the tomcat has a big problem - he can't keep his paws off other people's property. For three years Tommy has been slipping out through his cat flap and returning with his booty, including; designer clothes, shoes, socks, knickers, a bumbag full of coins, a Man United hat and even a golf umbrella. Owner Ali Daffin, 28, said: "It was funny at first. He was so proud of himself with socks, peg bag's and the odd slipper. But the haul just got more and more adventurous, with matching pairs of expensive trainers. He would bring the left one home one morning and then two days later I would get the right. He hollers at the bottom of the stairs until I come down to inspect it all."

Showing Off His Haul!

Proud Tommy showing off just a little of his haul!

Ali, who lives in Taunton, Somerset, with partner Paul Blake, 29, took in Tommy and his brother Jimmy as young kittens after they had been abandoned. And the moment Ali put in a cat flap, Tommy started disappearing at night and returning the next morning with his ill-gotten gains. Ali added: "I've checked all around and no one says any of the items are theirs. But I must have around 50 bits and and pieces. It's becoming embarrassing. It looks like I've trained him." Vet Paul Mifcchell said: "Cats do it to ingratiate themselves."

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