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Cat Thief
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Cat Burglar On The Prowl For Booty!

June 2001

Timone & Hoard

Above: Knick-knack nicker Timone the feline thief with some of the loot he has brought home.

A bona fide cat burglar has been prowling the streets of Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom, stealing household objects and clothes.

Shoes, oven gloves, toys and underwear have all been snatched by Timone, a seal point siamese cat who takes them home to owner Peter Davanzo in Pennine Walk.

The two-and-a-half year old appears unstoppable in his mission and Mr Davanzo has collected a suitcase full of other people's belongings.

He said: "If people have cat flaps he goes in and helps himself. He takes anything he can carry.

"We have a neighbour who comes in every two days or so to check if any of her belongings are here."

During one theft, Timone stole the shoes of a builder working next door who had to wait until Mr Davanzo returned to retrieve them from inside the house.

According to Mr Davanzo it is the nature of siamese cats to take things. "He is one hell of a character," he said.

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