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Dandelion  Jenkins

Feline Foils Bid To Make An Honest Cat Of Him!

January 2003


Kleptomaniac cat: Sara Peacock shows Dandelion some of the items he has stolen over the last two years.

Be warned... a feline is scouring Spotswood's streets and taking whatever it fancies.

Dandelion (aged 3), the kleptomaniac cat, first started collecting when he was a year old and in two years has stolen more than 700 items, according to his owner Sara Peacock.

"I own a cat burglar, he goes into peoples' homes and steals things," Miss Peacock said. "It's an anxiety thing. He wants to please me by bringing me home presents."

The oriental bi-colour cat steals at least one thing a day and has a fetish for socks.

"His specialty is socks. He'll bring home one and go back to get the other. We have lots of pairs but it's really embarrassing as it's not just one a day, it was up to five or six!"

Dandelion has expanded his collection to shoes, clothes, toys, purses, gloves, knickers, rags, pin cushions, sunhats, jewellery and much more.

The clothesline is no barrier to Dandelion as he brings back clothes with the pegs still attached.

"Sometimes you see things dropped along the street and you know he's been collecting."

To start with, Miss Peacock went around the neighbourhood trying to locate the owners of the stolen property but had little success. So now she leaves most things hanging on a tree outside the front of her house and keeps the valuable items inside.

"I hear people walking past saying, 'Hey, that's mine'."

Miss Peacock once tried to take Dandelion into the police after hearing about a spate of burglaries in the area but they did not believe her until they caught him in the act.

Dandelion's curiosity got the better of him and he got locked inside a neighbour's house for three days when they went on holiday.

"I had to call the police and get the window broken, which cost me $115."

Miss Peacock was so concerned about Dandelion's bad habit that she bought him a playmate to occupy his days, but the plan backfired because he started collecting for his feline friend.

So if you live in Spotswood and notice something missing, visit Rospeath Crescent and check if Dandelion has secretly paid you a visit!

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Burlar With A Feline Fetish For Slippers

February 2003

He's a real life cat burglar. The mystery of Bathampton's disappearing slippers has been solved - with Jenkins the red-point Siamese cat fingered as the culprit.

The pet, owned by Barbara Davies of Bathampton Lane, was seen by a neighbour struggling over a wall with a furry purple slipper, nearly as big as himself.

He dragged the slipper home and struggled through the catflap to Barbara's amazement.

However, not content with one furry slipper, a few days later Jenkins repeated the performance with the matching one.

Feeling sure that the owner of the slippers would be missing their warmth in the winter cold, Barbara telephoned many neighbours along the lane.

But nobody had lost a pair of purple furry slippers.

Although Jenkins had become very attached to his new prize possessions, Barbara put advertisements in both the village newsagents store and post office.

Luckily, the puzzled owner of the missing items saw the advertisement and has been reunited with the slippers!

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