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Cat Thief

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Meet Jimmy The Cat Burglar

August 2003


Jimmy the cat burglar!

Jimmy's Haul

Some of the things Jimmy has taken.
London, UK - Most cats like to bring back bugs and mice as presents for their owners, but not Jimmy the cat - he's got more expensive tastes.

Instead Jimmy has been bringing back other people's property to his owners in London. Slippers, shoes, and lots of cuddly toys are all things Jimmy has found on his travels and then taken back to where he lives.

His owner Lily said that Jimmy started stealing things last year, but this time his crime wave has been more serious.

She said he spent around two weeks taking stuff, although he's calmed down recently, just taking the occasional sock.

They know it's Jimmy who was stealing because a couple of times they spotted him coming into their garden with things in his mouth.

Flash shoes got taken!

To help people get their stuff back, Lily and her husband put up posters explaining all about their cat burglar, and telling people to contact them if things were missing.

Some people have done so, including one lady whose posh shoe was returned just in time for her to wear to Ascot races the next day.

Luckily no one has been nasty when they've claimed their belongings, which is great because it means Jimmy won't get into any trouble.

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