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Toy Thief Is Rumbled!

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July 2004

Samantha & Jess

A mischievous moggy could be behind the disappearance of up to fifty cuddly toys from a cemetary.

Police were called after toys started to go missing from graves in Durham Road, Stockton, in Teeside, UK, but it turns out the culprit may be ginger tabby Jess.

Owner Samantha Wilks now has a collection of teddies, because Jess brings home up to three a night.

Initially she thought they had come from neighbours' gardens but became suspicious after reading a newspaper report about vandals targeting babies' graves. She is now appealing to anyone whose teddies have gone missing to contact her.

Samantha said: "I thought Jess had pinched the toys from people's gardens. When some very new and clean-looking toys appeared I started to think he was going into their houses through their cat flaps."

"However, when I saw the newspaper article I realized Jess may be responsible for taking them from the graves."

"I've had one family collect their toy and although they were shocked they were pleased to have it back. I'm afraid no sooner had they returned it to the grave, Jess brought it back."

"There's nothing I can do to stop him, I don't know why he does it."

Cat behaviourist Sarah Heath says: "Kleptomania is reported in cats and there is some suspicion that it may be related to Pica and may involve some form of miswiring which leads to identification of these items as potential prey."

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