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Cat Thief

Page Thirteen

Cat Burglar Busted - Items Returned

By: Jeremy Desel -

August 2004


Sammy the cat burglar.
It was a caper of epic proportions. Residents in the Willowbridge subdivision in northwest Harris County are dealing with a real criminal with an unreal identity.

Sammy, the cat, has been stealing from his neighbours for years. Hats, slippers, workout pants, gold towels, shoes and much more.

The items were laid out like it was a neighbourhood yard sale.

"He brought home this," Janet Vaught said as she showed items stacked on tables in her garage. You see a member of her family is a thief. You can call him a real cat burglar, and it's been happening for years. The items are always deposited on the back porch.

Janet said things just started showing up several years ago. "First it was the balls, then the sandals, then it was the shoes."

It was a perfect crime, until Janet's daughter Taylor came along.

"I caught him red handed," Taylor joked.

Maybe red pawed, because this really is a cat burglar and his name is Sammy, an 11-year old black cat.

"A lot of time, we can't find our stuff," said one young woman in the subdivision. "He steals a lot of stuff," added a little girl.

The kids believed, but not everyone did.

"They tell me a lot of stories about the stealing cat. I must admit I've been a little disbelieving," said Kim Hurst. That is until they see the proof.

Kim and Morgan Hurst rummaged through the items and found seven things that vanished from their home, six houses down.

After retrieving her items, Kim said, "I have to say I think I believe it's the cat, in fact I think this is mine also."

Some neighbours found one thing, others walked away with as many as a dozen goods and headed back home. At least for now, because Sammy is still lurking.

It is pretty incredible the items taken. One included a floor rug that Sammy was able to drag over a 6-foot fence.

The Vaughts said they've done all they can to keep Sammy in check. They don't let him out at night anymore. But it appears he likes to steal in the morning, too.

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