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The Cat With Many Names

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Two Little Tigers

What are you called you stripey she,
Tiger, Tiddles or Tabby-cat.
They're just a few, I thought it might be.
So for now lets leave like that.

I know quite well you've got a home,
Only two or three doors away.
So what makes you think you can walk in here.
Any time of night or day.

Your a cheeky girl but I don't mind.
Though some think your a nasty puss.
It's just that you get too excited,
When you're having lots of fuss.

You go through the catflap and sleep in my shed.
And sometimes you make out you never get fed.

One day I'll go and see your mum.
She's no idea your such a bum.
You can come here when you like for me,
As long as all my cats agree!

Copyright - Joy Jones  

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