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Happy Ending For Lost Cat Toffee

October 2004

We have a happy ending to our story of our lost cat Toffee!

Toffee escaped from a cattery in Reigate on the 7th August this year. We spent many days dropping leaflets off to the properties within a wide area of the cattery and also put many posters up on trees and in shop windows where the owners were kind enough to allow us. I sent his photo to all the vets in the area and I advertised extensively in the local papers.

We had nearly lost hope after 10 weeks of advertising and searching for him when I got a phone call from a vet in Reigate on Monday evening (18th October), to say they had Toffee!

He had been microchipped and luckily for us the lovely people who found him took him there to be scanned and identified!

My message is do get your pet micro-chipped, and if you do find a stray, get it scanned - it was the one last thing we pinned our hopes on, that one day someone would scan him and it happened!

Good luck to everyone who is still looking and waiting for that call remember not to give up hope!

Mrs Jeanne Irwin

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