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Very Different Twin Sisters

Katy & Sophie

Katy & Sophie

I have two cats. Katy is tortie and white and Sophie is tabby and tortie. They are twin sisters and will be 13 years old this year (2003).


Sophie started out as the runt of the litter and was so thin we could see her ribs. Much has changed since then. Sophie has grown into a large, strong cat. She once chased next doors labrador out of their garden.

We describe her as an army sergeant. She likes to sit under the door handle, staring at it and does one very short loud meow. It sounds like she is ordering us to open the door for her - and we normally end up doing just that.


Katy on the other hand is very different. She has a 1cm thick ginger stripe running vertically all the way between her ears and down her face, and pitch black fur either side. She is very jumpy and scared of most things.

Once she brought a mouse into the kitchen and dropped it down it front of her. For some reason she chirped at it which scared the mouse. Then because the mouse got scared she panicked as well and ran out the catflap!

Another time this tiny black kitten was in our garden (Katy was fully grown) and it was curious about her. It started to sniff Katy, but meant no harm. Katy got scared and ran into the house her tail fluffed up like a feather duster!


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