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Wulfrun Destitute Pets (WDP)

What is WPD?

WPD is an Animal Rescue Service run by volunteers. They are based at:

70 Craddock Street
Whitmore Reans
United Kingdom

Telephone Number  01902-688838 (UK)

WDP is a Registered Charity. Number: 1042620

Their aim: To take in rescues from all over the West Midlands.

What do they do?

WDP take in stray and unwanted household pets of any description. they also care for Badgers, Foxes, Horses and Birds - in fact any creature that needs help.

What happens to the Animals?

Where possible each animal is placed in a Foster Home until a permanent caring home is found (however long this may take). All prospective homes are vetted and the animal remains under the protection of WDP for a further 12 months (to ensure it is safe).

Is any Animal destroyed by the group?

Sadly there are occasions where it is kinder to the animal, but it is our policy not to do this except on the advice of a Veterinary Surgeon where the animal has a terminal or extreme sickness.

How do they as a group obtain funds?

WDP ask for an affordable donation when an animal is adopted. They have street collections, they organise fund raising events, and have direct donations from the public. All monies received are accredited and verified by a Chartered Accountant.

Does all the money go to the Animals?

YES. WDP is staffed by Volunteers. They willingly give their time, services and co-operation free of charge.

If you can help them in any way however small or, if they can help you please call them on:

Telephone Number 01902-688838 (UK)

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