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Westy Update - 18th/28th September 2001

Burnt Cat Westy Is A Fighter

Update: 28th August 2001: From the Denver Post, Colorado, USA - Two teenagers have pleaded guilty to setting a cat on fire and throwing it from a moving car.

The unidentified youths were ordered to serve two days in jail immediately, according to Westminister police. Each will undergo anger management counseling and also pay the maximum fine of $500, a $400 surcharge to the animal cruelty fund and $200 in court and counseling fees. The cat, named Westy after the incident, survived but its ear tips, tail, and a leg were amputated."

According to the animal hospital at, Westy is now eating normally and is receiving regular physical therapy. All in all, this seems to be a remarkable recovery for a cat who was initially given less than a 50/50 chance to live. For more updates please visit the following site:

Burned Cat's Improvement Surprises Doctors


WestyWHEAT RIDGE, Colorado, USA - June 4th 2001 - Veterinarians who didn't think that a burned cat would survive after being thrown from a moving car said that they are surprised by the animal's continued improvement.

Witnesses said that the burning cat was thrown out of a late-model Mustang on the 9400 block of Perry Street on May 26. Officials named the cat "Westy" because he was found in Westminster.

Westy's condition is considered to be from serious to critical condition, according to veterinarians on Monday morning.

The attack burned the cat's ears, tail and sides. His whiskers were also gone. Veterinarians at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital have shaved off the cat's scorched fur and applied cream to soothe his burned skin.

Veterinarians didn't think that Westy was going to make it, and for a time were considering putting the cat down to end its suffering. They said Sunday that while the cat is not out of the woods just yet, they have been surprised by his improvement, and there are encouraging signs.

"It's tremendous. We didn't give him much chance. He's just done a great job. He's a fighter. He's determined to live, and as long as he's doing that, we want to give him every chance we can," Dr. Don Ostwald said.

"Westy has been doing much better today. He's wanted to get up and move about more. He continues to groom himself," Ostwald said.

The suspects were described as two males in their late teens or early 20s. Anyone with information is urged to call police at (303) 430-2400, ext. 2862.


The animal hospital has been flooded by calls from as far away as Germany, France and Hawaii, officials said.

To help with medical expenses for Westy:

Table Mountain Animal Center
Account WE289
4105 Youngfield Service Road
Golden, CO 80401

Or to contribute to the reward fund:

Denver Dumb Friends League
2080 S. Quebec St.
Denver, CO 80231

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