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Yirru & N'Dia

January 2006

Yirru & N'Dia

Yirru and N'Dia together. It is a little old but besides being a little bigger in size now they both look the same.

I have two cats.

Yirru (Ye-roo) is a 4-year-old Tortoiseshell. I remember seeing her at a garage sale amoung two litters of free kittens. I was drawn immediately to her as she was the only Tortoiseshell and her ears were about 4-times too big for her face, they still look about 2-times two big!

When she was little she loved to sleep in the top of my shirts with her head hanging out of the collar. And now that she is too big for that she is content to be under the blankets in bed at night.

My other sweetheart is a 2-year-old Seal Tip Siamese named N'Dia (pronounced like the country India).

She is very petite and has a personality completely opposite of Yirru. She prefers to stand off to the side and not be petted.

During my pregnancy, however, she was constantly on my lap and would physically attack our Siberian Husky, who could eat her in two bites, every time he would come near me, I believe she thought she was protecting me.

She doesn't do it any more.

I had odd names for other cats I had as I was growing up, including Necuba and Mr. Kit-E (Kitty).

Copyright 2006: Jenny Belgarde

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