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How to get an unco-operative cat into a front loading cat carrier.

Works best if you put the carrier on a table with its back against a wall. Pick up the cat and turn it around so it goes in tail first. You'll have the door shut before it knows it's in there. For extra naughty cats, wrap Puss in a towel first.

From: Mary

How To Give An Unco-operative Cat A Pill

Crush the pill and mix it with butter, fishpaste or cheese spread (whatever the cat likes best). Smear the paste on the cat's paws or around the mouth. The cat will instinctively wash itself and ingest the medication.

If you have more than one cat, separate the sick cat until clean in case its companions fancy a lick!

From 'mennikatz' (cat rescue worker), London, UK

Removing Pet Hair

From experience and having been owned by various cats over the years, I have discovered that wet rubber gloves are the best way to remove fur from furniture. Wipe the wet gloves over the fur, then rinse it away down the sink. This tip works equally well for dog fur as I am currently owned by a lovely black Labrador as well as a black cat.

From: Sue - Drumnadrochit, by Loch Ness, Scotland.

Vet Asks For Cat Urine Sample

If your Vet ever asks you to bring in a urine sample from your cat, try this which worked beautifully for my cat, Molly. It saved me and Molly the trauma of a trip to the vet and a needle in the tummy, which is a commonly used alternative.

Just put a package or two of dried lentils (used for soup) in a clean plastic litterbox. Wait and Watch!

Drain the urine into a container and toss out the lentils!

It worked perfectly and my Vet assured me that it would not affect the results. (Apparently unpopped corn or split peas are other alternatives. I put out 3 litterboxes all at once for Molly to pick from: one empty, one filled with "no sorb" (small plastic pellets), and a third filled with lentils.

The lentils won! Thanks to a veterinary technician friend for this suggestion! Hope it helps others. (I understand that it is important not to let the sample sit too long in the box. It should be delivered quickly to the Vet with some indication of the time it was deposited by the cat and should be refrigerated. Molly's 9:30am deposit was at the vet before 10am!

Removing Adhesive From Cat Skin

Adhesive removers used on humans in hospitals are toxic, some using the same main ignredient in nail polish remover, so this tip was great. I found this idea on the website of Real Simple magazine after googling "non toxic adhesive remover". They mentioned Mayonnaise! I don't think they had cats in mind!

It worked... the vet suggested warm water and soap which did not budge it! Mayo applied carefully and repeatedly (and prodded) with a Q tip, removed the adhesive remaining on my cat's skin from a morphine patch. Otherwise, I feared she would have licked the area raw trying to remove it!

Covered Litterbox Leaks

If your cat always manages to aim for the horizontal seam in her covered litterbox, causing a leak outside the box, just apply a stip of masking tape over the entire seam on the inside of the box each time you clean it and there will be no more leaks!

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