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Wet Nose Animal Campaign
A non-profit making Company - No 3124133

Newgate Lodge
Kirby Cane
United Kingdom
NR35 2PP


Tel: 01508-518-650
Fax: 01508-518-698

Wet Nose is an Animal Campaign that raises money to give to the smaller animal rescue centres all over the UK. Similar to Comic Relief but for animals not humans.

Gavin & Andrea used to run a Dog Rescue Centre near Norwich for 12 years and know how hard it is to work 365 days a year and fund raise as well! There is no help out there at all from anyone, no Lottery, Government or Council Grants this is why they have set up the Wet Nose Animal Campaign to give financial support to where it's really needed.

Hundreds of dogs and cats are destroyed each year just because they are strays; but it does not end there. It's the animals injured on our roads and from building new houses; rivers being polluted. This list is endless,and it's getting worse each year. Hundreds of deers, foxes, owls, hedgehogs are hit by cars, many more could be saved and returned to the wild with your kind donation and support.

Last year (2001) they raised over 11,000 and have given money to some 20 Animal Rescue Centres throughout the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Listed below are some of the Rescue Centres that Wet Nose has helped financially:

And many more.

For more information or a newsletter now call this number 01508-518-650 (UK) and find out how you can help.

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