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"People go to these places and think its a great experience. They pay 100 bucks. The dolphin pays with its life." - RIC OBARRY, on resorts that offer swimming with dolphins.

Quote: "What budgie? I assumed that was a self-service meal!" - Beauty My Moggy (1993-2002 RIP)


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January 2018 - What's New at Moggies



Picture of the Month

  1st January

Classic Jigsaw Puzzle (Java)

  1st January

Moggies Sliding Puzzle

  1st January

Cat 'n' Mouse Maze Puzzle

  1st January

Cat Wrap - Executable Puzzle

  1st January

XMas Kitty - Executable Puzzle

  1st January

April 2018 Calendar

  1st January


Cat Gallery - December Page 4

  31st December

Fast Food (A Thanksgiving Special) - Simon's Cat

  1st December

Kitten Crazy Time - Simon's Cat

  1st December

AMEOW-ZING 50 Box Cat Maze!

  1st December

Five Ways to Comfort a Kitten

  1st December

Meet Small Fry - The Tiniest Kitten

  1st December

Cat Gallery - December Page 3

  1st December

Cat Gallery - December Page 2

  1st December

Cat Gallery - December Page 1

  1st December

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