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My Friend Misty

(Also known as Felix)

A true story.

By Kelly Aged 8 (with Help on spelling by my mum June).

MistyEvery morning on my way to school I go past a house that has a black and white pussycat sitting outside, and everyday this little pussycat comes to me purring and trying to trip me up as she goes in and out between my feet. I named the pussycat Felix as she reminds me of the cat Felix from the TV Adverts.

Felix has been there nearly everytime I pass for at least two years now, the house where Felix lives is next to a busy road, I always walk on the same side where Felix lives as I am frightened that she might try and run across the road to meet me. My funniest time with Felix was last Christmas when we had some snow, I think that Felix had never seen snow before as the expression on her face was so comical as she tip-toed through the snow.

Another time Felix got stuck up a tree when she was chased by a dog, she would not come down for ages and she cried and cried. That was the day I met Felix's owner named Michelle, who told me that Felix was female, a rescue cat from the the RSPCA aged 3 years 3 months and her real name was Misty. Since then I have visited Misty in her home with my mum and little brother Dominic who all love her.

My mum says that I can have a Kitten when I am 9 years old (that is only 7 months away), we will be getting one from the RSPCA Cat Rescue Centre. I will name the new Kitten Felix, I can't wait for my Birthday to come.

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